U.S. Steel Serbia

Higia Ltd. is reliable and efficient business partner that has demonstrated its consistency, thoroughness, focus, organization and business stability that is based on high technology, well-established procedures and expertise.

- Miroslav Gladović,
Head of OS and IH - U.S. Steel Serbia

Company Higia Ltd. proved to be a stable business partner who knew how to deal with every kind of task we have in front of them set up.

- Zoran Jovičić,
CEO and Chairman of the Board - Mitas
Daily Express

The most important thing criterion according to our client for a good grade the service provided is quality, price and quick deadlines of work and flexibility at work. According to these criteria, according to the Daily Express Ltd. we got excellent mark to the questionnaire on customer satisfaction.

- Director,
Daily Express Ltd

After evaluating our client we meet the most important requirements to provide good services that include price and quality of service as well as a deadline for doing the same. For the service we received average scores of 4.85 to a customer satisfaction survey.

- Director,
Energotehna Ltd
Alymil YU Industry

Totally booked all expectations for the planned job and deadlines for implementation.

- Dragan Relić,
HR manager - Alumil YU Industry a.d.

For requirements that demand from service providers the most important criteria for obtaining good grades services are the quality, deadlines and price services. Hygiene Ltd is the opinion of the client Elmed Ltd. and its sales assistant Aleksandra Djukic got excellent mark at the most important criteria.

- Director,
Elmed Ltd